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This is my site in English, an open book in creation, with the translations of my texts published in Abalonemaris.com.


Through the Gardens of Gaia

One day, I went for a walk on the city streets. Life seemed to stretch out on that sunny afternoon. I was already far from home when heard the sound of children in the distance. The uproar increased as I approached a kindergarten yard. Children screamed as they moved frantically, in an incessant up and…


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Website onde publico meus textos originais em Português. Você é muito bem-vindo aqui!

Abalonemaris Podcast

Podcast em criação no Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts e outras plataformas também, com gravações de meus textos publicados em Abalone, narrados por mim. Acompanhe a gente nessa caminhada!

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Hi, I am Maristela Rohenkohl. Walker, introvert, self-taught. In my heart I bring the spirituality of the child who loves Nature and realizes that knowledge is born in poetic sensibility, in the silent listening of one’s own body and in deep compassion and love for oneself.

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