In this message, a beautiful and profound metaphor of the soul emerges, unveiling new dimensions:

“If a path were drawn between heaven and Earth, it would be infinite blue, so vast is the path of the souls who know each other here. This is the meeting place. Don’t think about what it could be, don’t think.

Now, life appears as a daisy flower, with its swirling white petals, all connected to the yellow solar center. All part of a large center that expands in all dimensions and appears as an infinite, beautiful, alive and brilliant flower. The flower is you, it is your soul that is always with you, and you are now a petal, just a petal. You are the whole that appears in different forms, in different dimensions and worlds. You are vast and beautiful and the flower is magnificent. It is the flower of God, it is you. It is you.”

Maristela Rohenkohl

June 16, 2020.

Image: Flower 04, by Maria Trad

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