Last May, I started a simple process of free writing, like channeling, preceded by a brief meditation. So, some messages have come to me, like this one:

“Perhaps the look you are looking for is in the inner look, in the body that expands and contracts, in waves. The look that opens and closes, without asking whether it is right or wrong, but just follows the rhythm of the universal heart.

The eye knows it is light and seeks its place, its expression when opening. Knows it is light. Knows it is divine in its innermost self. Knows that every child exists in light and sees himself in the eye as a golden pearl, as a diamond, as a star. Everything is light and shines because the eye has found it. The eye opens and the light creates the form. The eye closes and the light rests in floating waves waiting for the look, the next look. You can’t create without looking. God is the light and the look — this is creation.

You must not doubt or contextualize the words. They come to you when the mind is open, like the eyes. They do not judge or contest or think. Thought never thinks. Words never think. The Verb is.”

Maristela Rohenkohl

May 22, 2020.

Image: Here and Beyond, by Wieslaw Sadurski

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