Days ago, I participated in an online experience, guided by Carrie Asuncion, in which I had a visualization that still remains alive in me. My desire, then, was to receive guidance on how to flow in the world, together with people. Here is the visualization:

“I was in a green forest, in a small clearing where a spring gave rise to a pond. Standing there, at the edge of this pond, I watched the beautiful scenery. Sun rays passed through the treetops, reflecting on the serene surface of the water, allowing it to shine. White butterflies with light colored tones appeared in small numbers, flying over the pond just to keep me company. There was a rock to my right and I leaned on it to look more slowly. It was quiet there. I could smell the trees that surrounded the pond. A silence hung in the air, allowing me to perceive the light rustle of leaves on the tallest trees and the still timid song of some birds that seemed to want to watch me without revealing themselves. A feeling of comfort ran through my body, my senses, a familiar comfort, as if I were being embraced by my mother’s arms. I was at home and everything was fine. There was no reason to worry about people or the world, because everything would be a natural flow, everything would be fine.”

Shortly afterwards, I realized that, just as I felt Mother Nature by the pond as my home, people would also be it, because we are all part of it, of this bigger thing, of that same family. And if, in our imagination, we got together by the pond, allowing us to drink from its crystalline waters, looking at its shiny surface, discovering us in the coherence of a new state of being, with sincere intention, we would feel the joy of to co-create our home in our hearts.

Maristela Rohenkohl

July 04, 2020.

Image: Forest Pond, public domais image.

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