Last month, I joined the InStory Way group, created and guided by Devorah Spilman. In one of our meetings, I had a visualization that, besides being beautiful, was inspiring, like those messages that come just to support us:

“I was in a region of vast, green fields, surrounded by some apparently well-maintained wooden fences. There were clusters of trees here and there and no animals in sight. The day was clear and bright.

Suddenly, just ahead, from above, a diffuse white light appeared, like a small, subtle and bright cloud that came towards me and, as it approached, it took on the form of a beautiful white horse. Free, safe and meek, he stopped in the field, a few steps ahead, seeming to be waiting for me. Without hesitating, as if it were something usual for me, I went to him and jumped on his back and mounted him, holding on to his long white mane.

Slowly, we started to ride and, as we advanced, I realized that, from the horizon, the sky, the air was taking on a warm and soft color, with scattered spots in which the pink color intensified. From the beginning, a peaceful and natural connection was established and a feeling of serene confidence seemed to embrace us. Resolute, we jumped over a fence and started galloping, moving on, and I felt really good.”

This time, I no longer contemplated merely, but was a participant, was in motion, a fluid, confident, natural movement. I was welcoming creative energy without hesitation, taking responsibility for its direction, its manifestation, overcoming possible limitations and obstacles. I realized that new achievements would come from a spirit now heated. It would be enough just to allow myself, to allow me to open my heart, to allow me to love myself and trust the whispers of my dear wild wisdom called Intuition.

Maristela Rohenkohl

July 16, 2020.

Image: White Horse Running Through Poppies, by Christiana Stawski

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