Early this morning, I woke up wandering in my thoughts of healing and emptiness, until sadness came, calling for me. My Spirit was there, longing for a glance and a smile. “Hello, dear Spirit, everything I need to know is revealed to me.” Then, I felt a chill run through my body like the tears rolling down my face, and a message came: “Just open yourself up, talk and relate to the people you’ve met.”

An understanding came back from my memory, followed by a remembrance from my childhood: Life is not a healing process and, perhaps, not even a learning process as well. Life is just the adventure of realizing what it is. Life is the awakening of the memory of already being, like the little girl in her sunny garden who discovered her own Light in the colors, scents, sounds, textures and movements of all life around her and, when the winter cold had passed, she surprised the fireflies in the evenings, sparks of love that transformed the darkness in your garden into a bright and starry sky.

Then, suddenly, I realized that something was missing. The child’s soul was not in her garden, because people were not there, she was alone and her eyes could not shine the light of the love of her family, of her soul. She needed to discover love for people to reveal the greatness of her own soul.

The morning was clearing and my guides woke me up with enthusiasm, flapping their wings in celebration and great relief, all because I had, in this sudden instant, opened all doors on me.

Maristela Rohenkohl

August 13, 2020.

Image: Door, public domain image.

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