Sometimes we feel as if we are suspended, without moving, in the emptiness of waiting or saying goodbye. We remain quiet, looking forward a wave, perhaps, while life continues to cradle the leaves in the forest, the clouds in the sky and the waves in the sea.

This is how it happened in a visualization during the InStory Way process, with Devorah Spilman, last week:

The initial scenario was revealed in a small and deserted tropical bay, with an exuberant forest that advanced to the beach and, far ahead, a very high mountain, with a snowy peak, which contrasted with the lush landscape to its foot. I just floated held by the calm waters of this tropical sea, while the rays of a morning Sun warmed my body and my eyes, giving itself in an ancestral healing ritual.

I then asked the Sun what his message would be, and an image came to me without delay as an answer. It was a metaphor of a small sailboat by the sea. Even with its sails inflated by the breeze, this small boat was unable to advance. The strong waves driven by the tide did not allow him to move on and he remained there, riding waves in the same place, in silence, seeming simply to wait.

A moment passed and the vision was translated into words and I understood that it would be necessary to change the tide for the small sailboat to continue its journey. The tides come and go by the sea, breathing in eternal and harmonic lunar cycles, like life itself. And the sea, leaning towards the Moon, would lower its tide, opening up to the small boat, allowing it to advance and follow its own course.

The breeze, in turn, blows joyfully the sails of the small sailboat, as the spirit whispers in our ears truths that guide and move us because we welcome inspirations.

Thus, it is in this alliance between the spirit of the winds and the movement of the tides, when inspiration and welcome are naturally aligned, through opening to the original and profound, that the small sailboat finds movement in its own environment and my true being reveals itself in its intuitive and natural prosperity.

Maristela Rohenkohl

August 04, 2020.

Image: Seascape with Sailboat, by Irina Sztukowski

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