I sincerely believe that we are here to remember who we truly are. Living, for me, is not a healing process, but a process of remembering. We get used to the word “healing” so profusely because we forgot the essence of the simple living, the simple being.

I believe that these are times to remember that our soul is our dearest family and for our eyes to shine the love and the compassion of our family, our soul, we need to discover love and compassion for ourselves and people. We need to open the doors.

I believe that remembering who we are is remembering the enchantment and love of the newborn baby’s eyes, their brightness, beauty and divinity. It is to remember that this newborn is us.

Each story we live brings with it the light of this newborn. Each story lived can be seen in a way as a metaphor of ourselves that comes to us in cycles. And each time we perceive a cycle, we discover ourselves in that eternal present and, thus, we become able to change the past and the future possibilities, assuming who we truly are — the eternal divine newborns, the children of God.

Maristela Rohenkohl

September 02, 2020.

Image: Golden Hour, public domain image.

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