Everything seemed vague when that spiral image formed timidly in my eyes during the process guided by Devorah Spilman. “It looks like Nautilus”, I thought. And it was indeed, its shell. And that little creature from the seas has become a friendly company ever since, lurking in my mind, inviting me to reflect, yearning for light.

When I rest in my heart and feel the energy expand and contract with each breath, my dear Nautilus tells me about the original movement, the creative breath that never forgets the center, the home. I feel warm and I call it a “benevolent spiral”. And all the expansion and contraction, all coming and going in my relationship with the world, the people, is no longer the same because little Nautilus is with me.

Little master he is, so old, primordial, keeps the mysteries of Gaia and the enchantments of time always spiraling. And the illusion of the straight line wears off because time dances with me, making me spin in a whirlwind, in a replay of scenes until I wake up. And here, again, my little Nautilus teaches me that I am also the lady of my past and my destiny, when, in the evolution of the constant presence, I rest my eyes and hands on my chest and discover the beauty of life in the landscapes that I created it myself.

For a moment, I return to childhood and remember me little. My father is beside me and is holding a huge shell in his hands, which used to decorate one of the furniture in the room. He tells me to put it in my ear and listen. “It’s the sea!! How is the sea inside the shell? ” I was perplexed and amazed, and, as I recall, without an explanation also because the enchantment never dissolved. It is the sound of the sea, the original voice that never silences. It is the song that comes from within, from a do not know where, from an indelible heart where the spiral movement of creation is born. And the mystery of my dear Nautilus reverberates in the unique voice of that spiral. This is the voice, the language of my expression that expands only because it comes from my home, from my heart.

A few days passed and, wandering through images on the internet, I found my friend Nautilus adorned with beautiful iridescent colors that now illuminate him in my imagination. And the light and the voice finally met in the beauty of the music that I so long to hear, the music of my connection.

I open my eyes and, before me, I glimpse the new energy in new challenges and learnings that follow in a virtual expansion, a world without borders. I look at the computer screen and notice, for now, the non-benevolence of the enchantment of artificial lights and the game of illusions that fill and feed the existential void and involve us in this vicious cycle and in a whirlwind of images, information, sounds, voices, where algorithms confuse our intuition, placing us adrift in an incessant and dispersive movement and a lush sensoriality.

And, in the compensatory duality of this movement, we have created innumerable tools to correct this imbalance and heal us from this profound disconnection. And so, from tool to tool, we follow our healing journey in the illusion of living and in the hope of awakening.

Now, my little master Nautilus gently comes to me, emerging like the sun from this complex landscape. I open doors and windows and allow myself to expand into new dimensions. Sensitivity reveals the energy of connections. My heart is my home and I allow the spiral to be the source of my only voice. And, in the end, I contemplate this beautiful scenario and I perceive no longer the cure, but the dawn of a new consciousness, in this living dance of creation in its magnificent flow.

Maristela Rohenkohl

October 12, 2020.

Image: Iridescent Nautilus, public domain image.

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