The winter announced its farewell and I watched the Sun hiding meekly behind the mountains, painting the sky and gray clouds with lilacs and shades of pink.

Suddenly, in a tenuous instant, I had the sensation of a slight plunge into the landscape and, in my eyes, the perspective seemed to widen, deepen, embracing the roofs of the houses, the mountains, the clouds, the Sun and beyond, far beyond. Reminiscences of a feeling of belonging filled me, of being part of this splendid scenario. My house was not only the place from which I contemplated, but the entire universe contemplated. Everything was unexpectedly familiar to me, it was me.

And so it was, in just a faint instant, before the Sun fell asleep.

Maristela Rohenkohl

February 04, 2020.

Image: Light Center, by Su Kwak

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