A spark, a tiny spark ignites in the energy of the encounter, feminine and masculine in completeness, in unity, and God in Gaia celebrates new life. Earth and stars conceive the tiny body that houses the Light itself.

The woman welcomes and nourishes the mystery, a molded numinosity, cherished by universal hands. And at the right moment, according to human stories, she is reborn as a mother, presenting to the Sun the spark she keeps, which in her eyes recognizes Being.

The enlightened child, snuggled to her chest, turns his little face towards his mother and, in a natural longing, he wants to know the feature, the eyes of those who generated and welcomed him. In a supreme effort, he opens his eyes and, in that tender initiation, the first look happens, the glimpse of the spark, the rapture before the most genuine love, beyond time, which will never be forgotten.

The mother experiences and recognizes the divine in her baby’s eyes and, silently, tells him that he is here, exists in this dimension, still small and fragile, where it is kept with all the care and love.

For the baby, feeling in the mother’s eyes begins a journey of consciousness anchored in the here and now, guided by the presence of the divinity that he is. During his growth, with each new revelation of himself — his body, his movements, his skills — the initial scene will repeat itself and the child will seek confirmation from the mother that his divine self is present, while learning and evolving in this incipient life.

How important it is to promote play, discovery, trust in this divine guidance. And if, by chance, the child becomes disoriented, the mother will be there, full of compassionate love, allowing the creative silence to realign her baby on his way.

Thus, self-esteem and self-orientation are born in the child, through the recognition of his original divinity and magnificence, something priceless to his existence in this dimension, in this life.

In the maternal universe, observing awake brings the sensibility, innocence and compassion of her inner child. The numinosity in her baby’s eyes is the gleam of that most precious and intimate treasure, which keeps her alive, always evolving.

Realizing the subtleties and evanescence of her own body, alone, in silence, the mother raises her heart to love and discernment, freeing her inner divine child from the bonds of fear and low self-esteem. And with each learning of her baby, her child celebrates and laughs with joy and grace, in complicity and partnership. This is the secret of the longevity that the mother keeps and takes to her personal experiences and relationships, in her own individual life journey.

Maristela Rohenkohl

January 15, 2020.

Image: Mutual Admiration, by Anna Rose Bain

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