Being born, giving birth, and in a soul spiral the baby becomes conscious. In this synchronistic dance shrouded in mystery, the woman opens herself up to the movement in her core when giving birth, when performing in creation and being a mother.

To be born is to separate and the gesture that defines it is now conscious, voluntary and altruistic — the cut of the umbilical cord.

In Nature, the mother, in her wise instinct, makes the cut right after the birth of her puppy, as the puppy urgently needs to become independent to survive. We humans, in our civilizing process, have moved away from this natural wisdom and the responsibility for cutting has been delegated to other hands, depriving mother and baby to fully experience this initial moment of exceptional importance.

There is benevolence and compassion in the cut, because in this single gesture, at the same time, the divine is honored in the baby and the limitations of the incipient humanity of this indelible being are recognized, something fundamental for its natural and healthy growth and a generous heart in self-esteem and faith.

The intimate, physical intertwining, essential to life during pregnancy, is undone at birth and, unequivocally, the cut of the umbilical cord, thus allowing it to rise to more subtle levels, honoring this unconditional love unveiled at the dawn of the first glance.

For the baby, the cut is the first gesture of trust and faith in his divine self and respect for his freedom to follow the guidance of his inner wisdom, affirming his presence. There is compassion, because there is the recognition of the whole unconsciousness of this little human being at the beginning of his long journey of learning. The mother’s creative, expansive love, then, withdraws into her own heart and shines in silent compassion. There is no greater mastery than the mother’s creative silence in front of her child, with her watchful, careful, protective and benevolent gaze.

Thus, the cut is the statement of a responsible mother about her mastery towards her baby, her relationships and herself. Recognizing herself as human to her own contemplative gaze, to her transcendental motherhood, she opens herself up to the Divine interior, listening to her intuitive love and guidance. By loosening the bonds of immaturity, of childishness, rekindle her divine child-mother with all the beauty, joy, enthusiasm and vigor, renewing herself with each birth and reliving, each discovery of her and her baby, each dawn in this human horizon of possibilities.

The soul movement and the definitive gesture mark the completion of this infinite evolution, and, in releasing the bonds, the mother, in her discernment and compassion, allows the emptiness where the seed of the mystery of creation lies. And the intertwining, now ascended, happens between her and her baby in the universal maternal breast, full of generosity, abundance and longevity.

Maristela Rohenkohl

January 20, 2020.

Image: I am a Child, by Tom Sierak

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