God in Gaia became a Being, and mother and baby exist in this mystery, present in Gaia as part of this great Being. Molded from its elements, nourishing in its exuberance and generosity, intertwined with it, they shine in all that they live and are in each moment.

The celebration of life, the joyful laughter of the mother and her baby, resonate beyond the creation, in subtle vibrations of each cell, each particle of themselves and that which we conceive and affectionately call Mother Gaia.

And in this interweaving woven in its splendor by the hands of the love of God, which permeates everything and generates in its benevolent intelligence and guidance, the thread of life sparkles in its only pristine spring to differentiate without end.

Mother and baby revive and reverberate the mystery of creation in its renewed birth, in the small steps of the evolution of their consciences, which are not only theirs, but Gaia’s, in a universal infinite.

The sensitive, present mother, aware of her nature, silently awakens in her baby and experiences with him the knowledge, love and honor to the one who feeds them in their generosity and teaches the secrets of resilience and prosperity, providing them with self-confidence essential to your existence here, in this life, in this dimension.

And, when her eyes turn to light and beauty, the mother centers herself, her baby and her relationships in a natural and healthy environment, assuming herself as co-creator of the Spirit, of the Seed of Light that she shelters in her heart and that germinates in iridescent colors at the heart of each life gracefully intertwined in this exuberant, very dear and loved Gaia Family.

Maristela Rohenkohl

February 01, 2020.

Image: Moment of Discovery by Vladimir Volegov

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