Once again I boarded the train, which was of those old ones, with fans on the roof always setting the tone for people’s routine, their conversations, their concerns, their silences. I sat at the window that a previous passenger had opened enough to invite the spring air to travel. Then, I remembered some mantras that I had kept in my cell phone and put the headphones on to listen. The world outside ran in my eyes, frame by frame, while subtle vibrations seemed to want to rise from the apparent chaos.

The sky was overcast with nothing special white clouds. It was late afternoon… The third mantra started playing. I felt the soft rapture of the music as I watched the clouds more slowly. A golden glow appeared and intensified, outlining and crossing them with its gentle rays. There was delicacy. It was beautiful! Two clouds undid their embrace, moving slightly away, only allowing the Sun, in a discreet golden disc, to spy on who was there admiring it. The golden light embellished the scene in such a way as to welcome and give me a gift.

At this point, the train was arriving at another station. As I watched people moving from side to side, I felt a little beyond time. It seemed that the world was moving in slow motion and everything took on an unusual clarity. The train stopped and the sensation remained. There was silence in all the sounds. A luminous sensation was creeping up on me, clarifying, and I began to perceive divinity in each of those people. God was there, in all those faces, without excluding any, without conditioning, without judging. There was love, conscious or unconscious, it didn’t matter, I saw love in those faces. And a thought whispered in my mind: diversity… infinite diversity…

The train slowly left the station, gently leading me back in time, while the golden glow faded into the air. From that day on, I rest my gaze and unhurriedly observe people on the streets and that same feeling continues to emerge. God is in all people, connecting with his golden little rays one by one, weaving that endless diversity that pulsates fully in his beautiful, invisible and unique Heart.

Maristela Rohenkohl

November 25, 2019.

Image: Light in the Heart, by Su Kwak

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