The experience on the train, the gold in the sky, the people, the infinite diversity still reverberated light and subtle in my heart, in every cell of my body and widened the plains within me, illuminating the ground in a sensation of expanding on a bright horizon of possibilities.

It was then that, in a flap of wings, I met an aspiring lifeguard, with the name of an angel, who cherished in his heart the image of the fertile fields of his childhood and the timid, almost secret desire to cultivate grain, honoring its origin, guarding life itself, truly.

Thus, from nostalgic expansion ascended the seed in me. Beyond time, beyond duality, one and many, pure energy saved by the innocent child who smiles kindly at me in my eyes.

At once past and future, the ancestors I was and the children to be born, my angels, my family, my soul, do not know time, but only love, the Being. And in this forgotten vastness of Being, the seed remained quiet, sleeping, waiting for my permission for the look of an angel to make it vibrate and shine. And then, in an unexpected instant, my heart opened the doors and discovered its light reflected in the Sun, love dawned life, the seed awoke, recognized the time and the way to germinate.

Now, love continues to warm, nurture and welcome this golden core of me, my completeness that evolves little by little, in the dance of the interlacing, in the embrace of souls, in the finitude of the turning of my consciousness, in the present moment.

And so it was that the dual energies were inclined to flap their wings, to the spiral winds of wisdom, allowing the intelligence of my heart, my body, now sensible, welcoming, to be the guide of this seed in its germination, in the choice of fields, the ways and means of cultivating.

Day by day, learning to laugh in naivety, basking in the tenderness of love, existing in the transience of dreams, listening to the golden chords of that Intelligence that enchants me, it becomes the music of my living here, in this moment, in this place, in this Gaia full of fertility and benevolence, in this Mother Gaia.

Maristela Rohenkohl

December 15, 2020.

Image: Reflection, by Su Kwak

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