I feel light when traveling on the train now. I still listen to mantras and songs that make my heart happy. Sometimes, the Sun seems to embark too and fill the wagon with light, softening the air, warming people and everything becomes familiar. I notice that people with apparent imbalances seem to want to settle next to me, perhaps with some curiosity, but in stillness. And I imagine my arms reaching out, opening up in cores of compassion.

Unexpectedly the plumes of the mystery can surprise me and touch my face and understanding is drawn in landscapes, images that fill me with knowledge, the body vibrates and waves of thoughts flow simple, natural, like syntheses. There is surprise, satisfaction and joy when the wave reaches the beach and meets reality. A child’s laughter echoes in the creative silence. It’s like living the music. Perhaps that laughter reverberates in people’s hearts and the feathered mystery caresses them too, in a way that is unique to each one.

In Nature, music seems to compose the scene, governing ethers and life. Just feel more slowly, contemplate, be there, and it reveals itself. I feel at home, in Gaia, God is in my heart and everything is fine.

Gaia is a mother, cherishing when needed, nurturing, she teaches me to be resilient, to be generous and welcoming, at the same time, and she tells me that the secret of abundance and prosperity is right there.

Gaia conceived my body and, since then, presents me with everything I need to keep it healthy. And it is in the silence, in my body, that I feel Gaia most intimately, involving each cell, each fiber, each particle of me with its energy, its consciousness. And the mystery floating in the depths, graciously invites me to remember Gaia, that I am Gaia — I am.

Ancestral knowledge unfolds little by little, in the breath of that mysterious and sublime breeze. They are evanescent truths that I recite to the Universe in memories and affirmations of me — my little seeds of light. And my body vibrates in celebration, because, even if simple, there is music. There is joy, for, even if only for a brief moment, creation ascended and made the ineffable God dance.

Maristela Rohenkohl

January 11, 2020.

Image: Living Light, by Su Kwak

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