It was a meditation with a simple and brief message: “Wisdom is in the energy of all that is, in the light of the created whole.” Accessible to anyone, keeps no secrets, nothing is hidden. Like an endless library, with no walls to limit it, always open, where everyone is welcome and there are no privileged ones.

And it is in the light that beauty, benevolence and wisdom inhabit and we become aware of its greatness in our careful and sensible observation, when we exhale from ourselves this shining and delicate mantle, with infinite and complex nuances and, at the same time, simple and one, which is naturally transmuted into words, into poetry and which we naively and eagerly try to capture, like children chasing butterflies in the white mist of the morning.

The words are presented to us sovereign, without pretending to be interpreted, analyzed, reframed, questioned, compared — thought. Words don’t think, they exist in themselves, they live. We experience them in our hearts so that they are clear and crystalline in their essence, in their meaning, which we understand in the exact measure of our evolutionary moment, of what we need to know.

Wisdom is in the energy of all things, people, gestures, sounds, in the air we breathe. We are light, poetry and music of a benevolent knowledge that reveals itself in the reflexes it creates and in the joy of its mirror dance that animates our entire life.

Maristela Rohenkohl

November 14, 2020.

Image: Chasing Butterflies, by Laurie Justus Pace

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