I had flipped through that magazine a few times, certainly seen that image, but there it was, right in front of me, as if it were the first time. And the room was filled with its presence and from it emanated a peace that calmed my chest — the image of the monk and the elephant.

I sensed its importance and, without hesitation, cut and pasted the image in the center of the collage of my soul and everything else there now seemed in harmony, in a dynamism always finding balance.

There was no longer room for anxiety or aggression to disguise the fear of loneliness, but only the flow of energy and gratitude for those I left. The brown leaves in the shape of thorns transmuted into vibrantly colored flowers simply because they welcomed life. It was as if a seed had germinated in my heart and the little plant rose, evolving in such a way as to open itself in flower to the caresses of beings from other kingdoms, in a loving encounter of a new self-disclosure.

The creative girl, but captive in her enchanted bubble, fantasizing green realms in virtual and imaginary universes, now carried in her little hand a handful of fertile dirt, which she placed in my hand, inviting me to play. What a joy to feel the smell of damp and warm earth, to sense the vibrant little spirits waiting for me, looking forward for the time to sow and plant.

And, at the feet of that captive girl, lived an old book, which no longer exuded the freshness of words, but only the mold of the hours spent enveloping her with wisdom conditioned in patterns, rules and customs, sometimes creating chasms and, even dishonoring masters and ancestors. Then, before the monk and the elephant, this lord of words was reborn as open hands to support with his free wisdom the traveler in her discoveries and evolutionary remembrances, in a deep blue eternally creative.

There was also, in the collage of my soul, a timid coin, forgetting its own brightness, that furrowed the floor of my history, like a link in an old chain being dragged, dividing worlds into inherited conflicts — matter and spirit, a lot and nothing, heavy and light. But then my eyes went up and, from the elephant’s trunk, I saw the coin transfigured into a beautiful gold medal appear like a radiant sun. In me, the certainty dawned that everything that happens gives the opportunity to creation which, in its truth, brings in itself the created light and its intrinsic value to touch and fill the hearts of people in their own exact measure. And the measure of this welcoming is the measure of the recognized value. So, finally, the matter met the spirit and the spirit illuminated the matter. And in that light, reconciliation of the worlds takes place.

The elephant, which brings with it the fullness of a reality, the presence that touches the ground with firmness and delicacy, now leans before the monk, who recognizes and illuminates it with his love. And the two, side by side, in this collage of my soul, as messengers of the Divine Mother, guide me to a new state of Being, my new home.

Maristela Rohenkohl

December 08, 2020.

Image: The Monk and the Elephant, Thailand, public domain image.

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