A pine tree grows lonely on the cliff of a high mountain.

An unexpected silence snatches the heart of a forest.

Birds soar gracefully, letting themselves be carried by the currents of an air that ascends.

An undisturbed rock keeps the tides at the edge of a sea.

There is light, there is consciousness in all created forms — life is consciousness that expands.

A monk in quiet stillness sitting under a tree is an expanding consciousness.

A sleepless Eskimo gazing at the starry sky in the arctic vastness is an expanding consciousness.

A mother with a zealous and tender gaze watching her sleeping baby is an expanding consciousness.

In stillness, when the heart sails in inland seas, we recognize who we truly are — we are love. We are the breath that shapes life, the dream constellating reality. And, in this flow of loving creation, consciousness continues to expand.

Love is all we are. And in the affirmation that “we are”, we assume the responsibility of co-creation, loving ourselves deeply, placing our decisions and choices, our destinies, under its light and under the brilliance and honor of its sword.

I sit at the window of the dining room and the transience is defined in the landscape at every moment of that unbroken time. Why does fear, if in the womb of silence, I notice the spark pulsating, giving birth to me and the world outside?

Let us admit, there is nothing to do, we are love. And, even though many exist now as silent lighthouses, their light reverberates through visible and invisible seas, in conscious waves eternally expanding and evolving.

Maristela Rohenkohl

January 09, 2021.

Image: Pigeon Poit Lighthouse, California, public domain image.

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