I contemplated the stars that still twinkled here and there, playing in the dawn of a delicate awakening, and, amid its brightness, there was the blue, the deep blue, the blue of the stillness of the sea, in me. And from this inland sea that I was contemplating, an image emerged, a numb abstract shape, centered on itself, which, in its dynamism, danced gracefully, showing its pearly color with golden reflections. A day or two passed when, from the serene infinity of this sea, Mother of Pearl echoed in my mind, clear and limpid in its simplicity.

Interwoven meanings emerged next, like lights composing a beautiful hologram of a maternal feminine in its most primordial, simple and majestic origin.

Collected in itself, the mother wraps the tiny pearl forming in the recesses of her being, vitalizing and transmuting by providing the substances necessary for the transformation of the tiny grain of sand into a natural gem that enchants everyone for its simplicity and luminosity. The pearl thus born is the child who, when unveiled, regardless of its color, shines in its iridescence, the same shine that beautifies its mother inside.

Discovered in its essence, Mother of Pearl then generously reverberates her maternal and energizing attributes to hearts that are sensible to her presence, in a welcoming and generous dawn, full of exuberant vitality.

When opened, the mother shell with its little treasure suggests the image of an eye — a gleaming and magnificent look — that, in myriads of sparkling reflections, sheds its light on human eyes, guiding them along the subtle and intuitive path of balance and well-being in all areas.

Mother of Pearl, in its transmuting quality, performs a silent, patient and delicate process of creation inside, which, resonating in the human DNA, in the memory of a sleeping wisdom, expands and raises consciousness, releases and promotes a regenerative, healthy and natural life.

Evoked in its origin, the shell and the small impurity that inhabits it inspire our compassion towards our own humanity that, in a contemplative and benevolent observation, gently invests, involves and transmutes our greatest sufferings and leads us to forgive, an unrelated forgiveness to judgment or guilt, but to the release of the light that lies in each pain and its transformation into a seed to be awakened, sown and cultivated with all care, affection and gratitude.

Thus, the transcendental image of pearly light with its golden reflections and the primordial Mother of Pearl speak intimately to me about contemplation, patience, meditation and the genesis of a creativity that awakens in silence and flourishes when it is revealed and co-created.

They talk about the knowledge that emerges from compassion and emanates from a simplicity rich in delicate joy and beauty, through the intuitive vision of a love that guides, transmutes, ascends and reverberates clarity and light to people and the Universe.

They speak of Nature, of Gaia, of our origin, of the germinal Being in us, lively, iridescent, that looks at us and reminds us of a familial, ancestral love, which we may have forgotten, but which is always flowing gracefully and unconditionally in its intangible and infinite bosom, within each one of us.

Maristela Rohenkohl

February 04, 2020.

Image: Cosmic Light 30, by Su Kwak

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