The sun reappeared that morning, after days of incessant, typically autumnal rain. I decided to go for a walk, without a certain direction, improvising along paths bordered by green. The hill ahead was getting closer and closer, I was already walking far from home, and a thought suddenly crossed my mind: I just had to keep walking, my legs were all I needed, one step at a time.

Behind me, the city center now seemed far away. A sensation ran through my body and I felt every place, people with their habits and beliefs, their moods and desires, their pleasures and fears, in all the intricacies and nuances, everything was there, in this landscape on a clear day, created as a reflection of myself. It was an observation, not a criticism or judgment. Everything was set before me to be seen, recognized. I had manifested this whole landscape and that was the reason for choosing this place, for being here.

We live what we choose and are responsible for what we manifest, as everything is a reflection of ourselves, from the most sublime subtleties to the darkest obscurities.

Yes, I chose to be here and now. I chose to dive into the depths to emerge in the integration of this duality. I chose the boundary to glimpse the vastness of the landscape that sparkles the expansion of my consciousness.

The fear, violence, oppression that we unconsciously predispose to, gradually cultivate and feed with our attention and daily choices, we later reject as strangers to us, because we feel victimized, betrayed and wronged in our disconnection from life, love, compassion. But, truly, the reality that surrounds us and, at times, frightens or suffocates, emanates from us. And, as we are a collectivity, we manifest and reflect collectively as well.

When we take a step back or walk away, and turn our face, opening our eyes to the horizon, we discover the clarity and dynamics of the scene we have created that now stretches out before us. The interconnections present themselves and loom large as apparent plots to exude a power that actually emanates from us, as in us resides the responsibility as creators and not mere puppets, characters of a preconceived dramatic plot to animate, direct and condition us.

The shackles of this galley that we are now sailing carry the weight of heritages, values, beliefs, customs and passions forged over the ages, our dual human time, to which, in childish and illusory trust, we offer our souls and cling with voracious commitment and fervor, paddling to exhaustion, sometimes in favor sometimes against, sometimes following an old order sometimes a new order, always to the rhythm of the inexorable drum.

However, in this intricate game, we can also sense the freshness of the aromas of freedom, balance and wisdom. Behold, in the light of an improvisation, a ray of sunlight kisses our forehead and we open our eyes and our hearts and we find ourselves at the helm of a transfigured ship, sails heaving to the powerful winds of intuition, joy and fantasy, towards challenges and discoveries, risking being free, connected to each other through the delicate bonds of empathy and compassion.

Miracles follow when we open the eye of our heart and undoubtedly assume the helm of our lives and consciences, because that is our power, our purpose and our destiny.

Let us dare to look up in front of our mirrors, stripping ourselves of our heavy shackles. Let us awaken the numb innocence in our chests and trust our hearts to manifest, with sincere intent, our greatest treasure, our miracle — our very life.

Maristela Rohenkohl

July 20, 2021.

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